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Mi Primer Inglés for Babies 1 Curriculum Kit

Mi Primer Inglés for Babies 1 Curriculum Kit is all you need to start introducing Babies to the English language in a fun and natural way.

This complete curriculum guide constitutes the first Unit on the Mi Primer Inglés for Babies 1 Curriculum. It exposes babies, young toddlers and their parents to the target language and introduces them to basic vocabulary, expressions and structures related to kids’ favorite family members, their body parts and the routines they go throughout the day.

This complete Guide includes: 12 detailed Lesson Plans, an Enrichment Activities Booklet, and Audio clips for the Songs, Dialogues and Read Aloud of the Picture Books that accompany the Unit: “Peek-a-boo, I love you, I have ten tiny fingers and Time to wake up and go”.

Mi Primer Inglés for Babies 1 Curriculum Kit includes the following themes:

My world

My body

My day

We have developed this digital format of the MPI for Babies 1 Program to facilitate anyone with basic knowledge of the language and basic knowledge on how to teach little ones to follow along.

Parents may use this ebook guide at home with their little ones and teachers may use it as the core curriculum for a class that meets once or several times every week. There are plenty of educational tips and ideas for extending or supplementing any language program.

If you are interested in starting your own English Program for Babies, Mi Primer Inglés for Babies 1 Curriculum Kit provides you with the tools necessary to implement it and make it easy for little ones and their parents or caregivers to gradually acquire and build up their vocabulary and communicative competence in English.


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