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Create a fun bilingual playgroup 

By graciela

Create a fun bilingual playgroup

You can become the leader of a mother/father and child playgroup. 

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Today I would like to propose to all parents who would like to support their child’s bilingual language development to build a support network. 

I encourage you to invite others who are raising their children to be bilingual to join you in creating a mother/father and child playgroup. 

 The mother/father and child playgroup may be for a one-hour session where mothers/fathers and their children participate in a range of activities that strengthen their engagement, build their language skills and address child development issues. During this session a playgroup leader (that may be any of the mothers/fathers in the group) models a range of interactive behaviors and activities that mothers can ‘take home’ and use with their children in the home environment. You can certainly become the leader in a playgroup. 

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Mi Primer Inglés offers you the perfect tools for guiding the group into sessions with activities that can nurture language development. Our Teacher’s Packages come with Teacher’s Guides with detailed lesson plans based on thematic units and full of activities, songs, picture books and games that are fun for both parents and children. 

You can find all our digital resources for teaching your kids through “Mi Primer Inglés.”  

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