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Do you want to start up a new business? 

By Mi primer inglés

Do you want to start up your own business?

If YES is your answer keep reading…

We are almost at the end of our summer vacation!

With children soon going back to school, this is the best time for you to get ready to start up your own new business.

Many parents at this time of the year are turning into Google for ideas on how to juggle the everyday challenges they face when trying to balance work and business with children and home life. Although many corporations are making changes to accommodate the increasing demands of parents, it seems that there is still a long way to go.

If you are fluent in English and would like to start up your own business with a low investment, we encourage you to put your talents to work and get excited about sharing your skills with the children in your area. We invite you to be part of the significant rise of “parentpreneurs”, in particular, “mompreneurs” looking to launch their own ventures, with the aim of developing and growing a business around life at home.

Join Mi Primer Inglés®, an educational brand where the product is already developed and the systems and procedures have been written down for you to be up and running far more quickly than if you were starting from scratch and having to go through all of the development stages. We are not a franchise and with a small investment you can become an entrepreneur.

Mi Primer Inglés® will help you in successfully starting up and setting up your teaching business and may well allow you to achieve the flexibility you are seeking. However, building any business whilst caring for or sharing the care of children is a challenge. It requires a lot of time, attention, nurturing and resources to grow and thrive. That’s where the benefit of having an educational brand such as Mi Primer Inglés® behind you comes into play.




Because we believe that…

  • In a more and more globalized modern world in which we live, this is an extremely important time for children to learn a new language. Aside from enhancing their educational experiences and their future careers, learning a new language is fun, it comes easy to little ones and it opens a whole new world to them full of new experiences, a new culture, and new friends.
  • The best time for acquiring an additional language is in the first 6 years of life. There is a “window of opportunity” that we must take advantage of.
  • Parents all over the world are more aware of the benefits of early language learning and want their little ones to be exposed to a new language early in life.
  • If you are one of many individuals out there who speak Spanish fluently, you are a “parentpreneur”, a university student, or a languages teacher, and would like to start-up your own business, this is the best time to start planning.



We offer you a complete program for teaching English to very young children.  Together with the resources for getting ready through a self-paced guidance – “The Basics for Starting-up your Own Business” and the “Home Kits” for children, you are set for a good start.

You and/or your employees can start teaching using whole language in context right away. Our no prep lesson plans save even experienced teachers a great amount of time that can be spent in getting families to sign up, teaching, marketing, hiring other teachers, or finding places to teach.



Our easy-to-use thematic units based on age-appropriate experiences and activities foster a lifelong love for language learning and respect for other people and other cultures.

Mi Primer Inglés® gives children a leg up in their education and their lives.

For parents who value multilingualism – it is a natural fit.

For English-speaking homes, it helps keep the family’s cultural heritage alive.

For you, starting up your own business with Mi Primer Inglés® may be more than changing careers, it may be the opportunity to change your life.


Do you share our passion and values to make a difference in the lives of the children in your community as well as a healthy financial return? Consider joining Mi Primer Inglés® as an entrepreneur.

Owning your own My First Spanish business is a rewarding experience, both personally and financially. Becoming a Mi Primer Inglés® entrepreneur is simple—our owners are people just like you.

Start here and see if Mi Primer Inglés® is the right fit for you.