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Get ready to start your own business 

By Graciela Castellanos

Calling all moms, dads, language teachers, early childhood educators and entrepreneurs.  Mi Primer Inglés has something for everyone. A structured curriculum, self-training, and many resources to help you along the way.  

Ask today about becoming a Mi Primer Inglés Teacher and Entrepreneur.  

Create your groups of bilingual or dual language learners and do what you LOVE most! 

Whether you are a parent, a child-care expert, a foreign language teacher, or homeschooling, we encourage you to start-up your own business with Mi Primer Inglés Curriculum Resources 

The newly available curriculum Packages for teaching Spanish to very young children are the right solution for you.  

Our easy-to-use thematic units allow you to start teaching using whole language in context right away through activities for Circle Time, Phonics, Listening, Speaking, Comprehension, Word Work, Theme Focus, Songs, Rhymes, Story Time, Creative Time & more! 

Our lesson plans save even experienced teachers a great amount of time that can be spent in doing what you love most, teaching. And for entrepreneurs getting families to sign up, marketing, hiring other teachers, or finding places to teach. 


NOTE: These are not packets of worksheets. 

 These are actual Lessons that guide you through the process of using fun activities to teach very young children and instill in them a love for languages. 

 Each Package will give you around 90 days of ENGAGING lessons in different themes. Every 4 weeks you can expose children to a different theme. You can take them through a variety of activities that help them experience the Spanish language naturally and intuitively. Each theme introduces children to basic vocabulary, lovely songs, finger plays, stories, poems and games to help develop their skills in the English language. 



Mi Primer Inglés Curriculum Resources include:  


144 English detailed Lesson Plans with more than 600 age-appropriate activities for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and young children 


140 downloadable English songs  


 212 online interactive activities for children 


 48 original Picture Books with read aloud, songs and animations 


 12 Enrichment Activities Booklets with the lyrics of the songs for children and age-appropriate activities 


 2 Holiday booklets  


✓ 2 Professional guides for teachers and Entrepreneurs – Getting Started I: How children develop and learn; and Getting Started II: The basics for starting-up your own business  


 A series of Instructional videos 


 How to teach video series of songs with actions  


 46 sets of digital Flashcards  


Let us help you teach amazing, engaging lessons every day, with all the tools and resources you deserve, while at the same time start-up your own business. 

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