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I love Languages4kidz program

By Mi primer inglés

Read why Bilingual Blogger and Speaker Gianny Liranzo @madres conectadas loves our program and what it has taught her children.

“Today I want to share with you this BIG SALE that has The bilingual author and educator Graciela Castellanos creator of a wonderful series of books for children in Spanish and English and to teach both languages.

My oldest son has already read all the Language4kidz books in Spanish and the first whole book my other 5 year old read was from the series as well (we even published a photo of that achievement). What I like are so many things:
the font, the size, the language, the type of story, the message. It’s everything you dream of for your child who is just starting to read to get him/her to love reading.

You can find them all on their website.

This particular BIG SALE is about their series on teaching children in every language.

It is geared towards teachers but I have the series at my house and it is super easy to use to teach yourself to your kids and reinforce their learning.

It helped me quite a bit with the tutorials and guides and material.

Even if you are not a #homeschooler you take the guide and work 30 min with your kids at home and you will see the difference in their school results.”