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I want to teach English to children, but where do I start?

By Graciela Castellanos

I want to teach English

I want to teach English to children, but where do I start?

It is possible that right now you are asking yourself this question and that you feel blocked without knowing how to face a new project.

It is normal. I too have felt the same as you.

Today I would like to share with you those steps that have helped me when I wanted to start a new project and I didn’t know where to start.

The first thing that I usually do and that helps me clarify the way forward is to empty all my ideas into a concept map and break down the steps to follow as I work on them.


Tener mi propio negocio educativo (2)


  • Start by being clear about what you want. Be as concrete and specific as possible about your goal. For example: Open my own business / Teach children English / work independently for 20 hours a week to generate extra income.
  • Analyze your personal capabilities both in the educational field and in the setting up of an educational business (strengths and weaknesses).
  • Create a list of people to be your support group (keep track of how, from whom and where to get help).
  • Choose the type of school or business you want to open (Mi Primer Inglés advocates a flexible type of business where you can work independently from home, in private schools, or in other places suitable for teaching children).
  • Research and choose the curricular program and the teaching resources that will allow you to be successful from day one.

Once you work through these steps and have the information you require, you can begin to draw up an action plan to open your own business teaching English to children.

You can only achieve your goals through action. Put all your energy and passion and turn challenges and risks into opportunities. Then celebrate the achievement of your goals.

Our Getting Started I and II manuals guide you through the entire process to achieve your goals. These manuals are designed to give you valuable information about teaching a language to children and allow you to learn first-hand the basic steps to starting your own business.

With Mi Primer Inglés and all the educational resources that we offer, you can achieve what you set out to do and thus successfully achieve your goals.