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Spring is in the air! – Spring Curriculum for kids

By Mi primer inglés

We all enjoy very much this time of the year!

Spring brings joy with longer and warmer days, beautiful new foliage on trees and shrubs and colorful flowers in gardens.

We love going for a walk and stroll around the streets and spend time at the parks with other families playing and having fun. Using all our senses during this time of the year is a blessing. To hear the birds singing, to see the flowers bloom, to smell the garden fragrances, to softly touch some baby animals and to taste the typical produce nature brings to us during this time of year is just wonderful! Spring is that special time of the year to get more active and willing to explore nature with our loved ones.

During Spring there are lots of holidays celebrated around the world:

Easter, Passover, April Fool’s Day, Earth Day, Arbor Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Cinco De Mayo.

If you want your child to grow loving the English language or if you are an English teacher, Spring is a great time to build up on children’s vocabulary with new words, Spring related books, songs and arts and crafts projects.

Mi Primer Inglés offers a variety of Picture Books, songs  and Curriculum Kits with thematic units related to Spring that are flexible and can be easily adapted to be used with children of different ages.

Take a look at these two English Curriculum Kits. They include a variety of materials in  digital format and can be used by anyone that teaches or wants to teach English to young children.



In Mi Primer Inglés 4 Toddlers 3 we talk about the things we do and celebrate during Spring and the changes we perceive in nature.  The first couple of lessons focus on reviewing vocabulary related to greetings and introductions as well as introducing children to weather related vocabulary. Then we continue with easy vocabulary, basic structures, expressions and actions related to the Spring season.   

We invite children to plant their own seeds, take care of them and watch them grow. We introduce them to the fascinating world of birds, bugs and butterflies.

Children have an opportunity to develop and enrich their English language skills through reading original picture books with beautiful illustrations, engaging activities, crafts and art projects, songs, rhymes and online games.  



In Mi Primer Inglés for Young Children 3 the first lessons focus on plants and how they experience growth and change throughout their lifetime. 

Then we give children an opportunity to explore caterpillars and butterflies, tadpoles and frogs and the changes they go through as they grow.  Activities in these lessons help children  learn about living things and life cycles.

During the remaining lessons in the curriculum children get to understand the basic needs of living organisms,  identify basic life cycles and learn about baby animals, their names and the things they are able to do as they grow.

Mi Primer Inglés 4 Toddlers 3 and Mi Primer Inglés 4 Young Children 3 include:

Teacher’s Guides with detailed lesson plans;

Themed songs, rhymes and finger plays;

3 Picture Books each;

Enrichment Activities Booklets, and

Online interactive activities with puzzle, memory cards, matching, coloring and more.

Follow this link to enjoy the activities online created fo “Spring is here”.

We have also created flashcards that you can download here.

I hope you like our Spring materials and that they inspire you to continue teaching English!

Remember,  ALL our materials are in digital format and can be downloaded to your device in minutes. You can get these materials and many more by entering our Shop.