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Spring will soon be here!

By Mi primer inglés

Spring is a great time to invite children to explore nature. Let them experience planting seeds, watching how a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly or take a walk in the park to see, hear and smell the birds, the flowers, and the green grass. Talk to them about  cute young animals that make their appearance at this time of year. There is a variety of themes and picture books that can help you get organized for Spring. We hope you will find something that inspires you in our teaching resources!

Here is an example of a beautiful poem in English and Spanish that you can find in our Teacher’s Guides.


The Caterpillar

A caterpillar crawled to the top of a tree,
I think I will take a nap, said he.
so under a leaf, he began to creep
spun his cocoon and then
went to sleep
For many weeks it slept quietly,
Until one warm day the sun came out and said,
Wake up sleepy head!
Time to get out of bed!
So, it opened its eyes,

And LOOK! It was a butterfly!

It opened its wings and flew away in that beautiful sunny day!

La Pequeña oruga

La pequeña oruga trepó a lo más alto del árbol,
Creo que tomaré una siesta dijo
Entonces debajo de una hoja se acomodó
Hiló su capullo y después
se fue a dormir
Por muchas semanas durmió y durmió,
Hasta que un día salió el sol y le dijo,
¡Levántate dormilona!
¡Es hora de salir de la cama!
Entonces abrió sus ojos,
Y ¡MIRA! ¡Era una mariposa hermosa!
Abrió sus alas y voló contenta en ese día tan soleado