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TESOL Convention

By Mi primer inglés

This past weekend I attended the 37th Annual TESOL convention in Madrid. It was a long and intense weekend filled with great presentations, workshops, a publishers’ exhibition, and opportunities to share and talk with other teachers from different places. I found myself taking notes on the latest trends in teaching English to very young learners and completely engaged with the ideas presented. My head was getting filled with ideas and my spirit soaring with motivation. As someone once said a good teacher is a constant learner – so regardless of the years one has been teaching, Professional Development should always have a pivotal role.

I felt very excited to realize that many of the ideas presented are in tune with my strong beliefs.

We must keep in mind that when we teach little ones we need to provide them with experiences and activities that work together to create the “whole child”. Activities that focus on developing children’s skills in English, as an international language, and enriching their physical, social, emotional and cognitive areas while at the same time “touching their hearts.”

We need to keep in mind that we are not only teaching them how to communicate in English but that this teaching implies, at all levels, preparing them to care about other people, places, and the world in general. We are preparing them to be global citizens with an open mindedness, critical thinking skills, respect and knowledge to help to create a better and more peaceful world.

I will continue to work in this direction and to try to instill in other teachers the same beliefs.