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Using puppets in your classes

By Mi primer inglés

Using puppets in your classes

Puppets can become an essential tool for teaching very young children a new language.

Puppets provide an essential link between learning and play which makes them a wonderful teaching tool.jenny puppet

You can use puppets for initiating a class, for introducing vocabulary, for helping shy children relax and participate, for drilling exercises, for teaching manners and appropriate ways of behaving, for helping children express their feelings and many more.

When you use puppets in your class use different voices and gestures to act out as you talk to promote understanding.

Puppets are both entertaining and captivating.

Young children can believe and relate to them and as they enter the fascinating inventive world that puppets create they learn without noticing it.

Learning in this way is more likely to be remembered and to become part of children’s growing knowledge. Puppets really engage and delight children.