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Why a written curriculum?

By Mi primer inglés

Writing a good curriculum can take many, many hours of dedication, months and even years! And we all agree the curriculum is the most important piece of a program, especially if you want to deliver quality and consistency.
All Languages4kidz materials have been written with moms, university students and new language teachers in mind. They are easy to use and provide new teachers with a variety of activities, suggestions and useful information to help them get started. For experienced teachers these resources may help them enhance their instruction.
As a former early childhood teacher I used to have a core curriculum but liked to enrich it with the best offered by other products in the market. It is OK to mix and try different ideas and different approaches to teaching. At the end the children we teach learn in different ways, at different rates and pace and our teaching must meet their needs.

Our written curriculum:
• Is easy to use
• Is flexible
• Is based on children’s stages of development
• Provides information on child development and best practices
• Fosters parents’ engagement and participation
• Provides you with a long-term plan from day 1
• Motivates children
• Helps children acquire and learn language in a fun and natural way
• Invites you to be creative, tap into your own experiences and use your knowledge to enlighten children’s minds and give them the gift of a second language early in their lives.

I invite you to try Languages4kidz curriculum resources as they will inspire you as you embark in the wonderful journey of teaching languages to young children.