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Why teach English to children?

By Graciela Castellanos

Why teach English...

Why teach English to children?

Today I could not think of anything that is more important for children than learning an additional language and if this language is English, it would contribute to giving them a valuable tool that they can use in different areas of their student, professional, cultural and work life.

The use of the English language has grown throughout the world in recent years. It has become the world’s lingua franca and countries all over the world have adopted its instruction as part of their education system starting in the preschool years.

Parents want the best for their children and they know that one or more languages besides their mother tongue will provide them access to better opportunities. They want their little ones to have access to a foreign language at ever younger ages and when asked what second language would be most helpful for their children, the overwhelming number of parents choose English.

Why is teaching English to children at an early age a good option for me?

With the new advances in technology and the rapid growth of the internet the exposure to the English language has grown tremendously and with it an increasingly interest in introducing this language to very young learners. The English language in education is becoming stronger and growing and filling this niche can mean a unique business opportunity for you.

If you are a professional, university student or you are a mother or father who has a good command of English you can teach your children or many other children through readings, conversations, songs, games and fun activities appropriate for their age.

“MI PRIMER INGLÉS” materials are designed exactly to promote the learning and practice of the English language and at the same time develop reading skills in children.

With “MI PRIMER INGLÉS” you can generate income working independently and anywhere in the world.

Where can I teach English?

Depending on your situation and where you live, you can teach English:

  • To your children at home

And/or other children:

  • From your home: online, as a tutor or giving private lessons
  • Opening your own business/workshop/studio
  • In language academies
  • In preschools or daycares
  • In public or private schools, as part of the curriculum or as an extracurricular activity
  • In a library or cultural center creating and facilitating English workshops

As you can see, there are several scenarios in which you can work, even if you are not a teacher. What is very important is that you should prepare yourself on how to teach children at an early age and accompany yourself with a good curriculum to make the process easier and more productive.

“MI PRIMER INGLES” is easy to implement, with curricula designed to work in any school-based, home based, or childcare setting. With the resources of “MI PRIMER INGLÉS” you will have basic training and an established curriculum designed so that people like you can successfully become an English teacher or entrepreneur.

If you already teach English:

You can use “MI PRIMER INGLÉS” materials as a complement to the curriculum you use. To enrich your classes with the variety of activities that the curriculum offers or to develop and practice vocabulary and language structures with our collections of children’s picture books and interactive activities online.

Note: (depending on the country you are in, a degree in language teaching, education or a certification or homologation of your title may be required).

If you want to teach English to children, what are you waiting for?

Getting a good curriculum with appropriate resources for children becomes a tireless job,  where many spend more time on planning classes than on teaching.

“MI PRIMER INGLÉS” offers you not only the basic preparation necessary to start off on the right foot, but also a complete curriculum with:

  • Digital guides that include thematic units with a detailed description of how to carry out the different activities;
  • Important suggestions and tips;
  • Ready made lessons to start teaching English from the first day in a fun and natural way;
  • Built-in audios of the dialogues to use and the songs to teach;
  • An Enrichment Activity Booklet for children and;
  • Illustrated picture books that help reinforce the English language and foster the development of children’s reading skills in a fun, simple and effective way.

“MI PRIMER INGLÉS” is not a franchise nor do you need a license to use the materials. With a small investment, you can purchase the materials for quarterly or yearly topics and start teaching immediately.

You are very lucky to speak English. We invite you to be successful using our program with an appropriate methodology and materials.

If you’re interested in opening your mind to new possibilities and exploring an exciting and rewarding career as a teacher or entrepreneur, we’d love to talk with you and see how we can help you!

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