Are you teaching online? Tips for Language Teachers 

Are you teaching online? Tips for Language Teachers

Tips for Language Teachers Teaching Online

“Welcome to the virtual classroom of endless possibilities!”


When choosing a venue to teach children online, keep the following points in mind:

  • Select a small room in your home for your classes. Set it up with a desk, laptop, or computer, a simple, attractive, but practical background, and organizers for props, flashcards, puppets, and any other resources that will help you teach young children. Even if you are not at home you want your setup to look like a classroom.


  • Ensure that there is a lot of natural light entering the room. While being near a window is excellent, you might also need to use other lights in the room and strategically positioned lamps to supplement the lighting. Experiment with your lights until you find what works best for you.
  • The colors you choose for the background and your appearance in front of a camera are equally crucial. It is best to use solid colors that are not too bright or dark. Solid colors are less distracting for toddlers as well as the camera (which may go in and out of focus). Speaking of color, some children will find it easier to read your lips if you have a little color on them. Similarly, using eyeliner will draw attention to your eyes while making eye contact with your students. Aside from color, you must control the space between you and the camera, as well as the space to the right, left, distant, and close to the camera. Using the space effectively, going from front to rear and side to side, keeps your students engaged.
  • You want to reduce noise in your classroom and, more broadly, in your home. Any mechanical noises that may come from within your home, as well as noises that may originate from outside your home (garbage trucks, doorbells, etc.), must be considered and avoided. When teaching, you may need to inform individuals who live with you of your expectations; thus, a letter or a sign at the door may be appropriate. You merely need to be extremely cautious of any distractions that could distract you and, as a result, your students.
  • Keep sustainability in mind. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself to avoid burnout. It is vital to plan your complete day, including meals, washroom breaks, water consumption, physical exercise, vocal health, and so on.
  • Finally, be gentle with yourself. If this is your first time teaching in an online classroom, it may be intimidating. You are a champion, and you will succeed, but you must be kind to yourself. While many challenges may emerge, we urge you to remember why you became a teacher in the first place: your love of children and your excitement for education. Maintain your self-confidence, carry on with what you’re doing, and keep your excitement for teaching students alive.


Creating a Rich and Engaging Early Language Learning Environment

🌟 Creating a Rich and Engaging Early Language Learning Environment 🌟

Teaching a second language to young children can be a very gratifying experience, and creating the correct environment is critical to allowing good learning.

It is critical to create an atmosphere of linguistic involvement and enjoyment in which each child and his family are welcomed and respected.

Here are some suggestions for creating an engaging and supportive environment for young learners:

Tips for Language Teachers with a Classroom!

  • Arrange the furnishings in your classroom to support a variety of learning activities. Provide individual areas for quiet activities and a circle time area for group interactions.


  • Set up specific learning centers in and around the classroom. These can include a reading corner with a pile of cushions that you can arrange on a carpet with picture books, an art and crafts station, a play area with toys related to the target language vocabulary, a listening station for playing music or stories in the target language, and an area with maps, flags, traditional clothing, and holidays and celebrations from various countries where the language is spoken.


  • Decorate your classroom with posters of nursery rhymes and song lyrics, alphabet charts, colors, numbers, animals, fruits, and motions labeled in the target language. Identify things in the classroom by their names. Display frequent phrases and queries using sentence strips. This immerses children in the language, making it a natural part of their daily lives.


  • Keep bulletin boards filled with images of children engaged in various classroom activities.


  • Include hands-on activities that engage a variety of senses. To convey meaning, use props, puppets, and gestures. Play engaging games like Simon Says in the target language to boost vocabulary.


  • Young children thrive in pleasant and familiar environments. You should occasionally encourage children to bring images or objects that mean something to them to share with their friends.


  • Early childhood classes are quite active. Because young children learn by doing, there are many hands-on activities available, and children are encouraged to participate by acting out, gesticulating, role-playing, moving, singing, and dancing. You are asked to create an interesting and exciting linguistic environment.


  • Keep in mind that creating a classroom where young children may learn effectively is an ongoing endeavor involving constant adaptation and creativity. By using these strategies, you may promote a happy learning environment while assisting young children in developing a strong foundation in the language.


Tips for Language Teachers on the Move!

For teachers without an assigned room, organization is key. It can be difficult, but you can handle this scenario successfully with the help of some creative strategies.

Here are some practical tips to help you carry your tools and materials from one room to another:


  • A rolling cart or a backpack with wheels makes it easier for you to move your resources from one place to another, especially if you’re doing it frequently. You can carry your belongings more easily and keep them organized if you use color-coded or labeled containers and folders.


  • Invest in a portable teaching toolkit with essentials like markers, flashcards, mini whiteboards, and interactive props.


  • To prevent overloading yourself, consider what is truly necessary and prioritize materials that are adaptable and can serve a variety of tasks.


  • Locate a wall or area where you can hang some of the charts and posters you’ll need for your lesson. Additionally, have a photo album of your class close at hand.


  • Plan a resource exchange with other instructors if at all possible. To lighten your load, you can also ask to keep some items in shared areas.


  • By keeping digital materials on a tablet or laptop, you can make use of technology. You can access materials in this way without having to carry physical copies. Young learners can be effectively engaged through interactive apps and electronic books.


  • Establish a process for putting up and packing up in various rooms. This will reduce stress and make the procedure run more smoothly.


  • Though it could be challenging, remember that your flexibility and dedication are having a beneficial effect on your young students. You can move through your mobile teaching journey more easily if you use these tactics. Keep up the fantastic work!

Exciting News for Educators and Parents teaching English to young learners!

📢 Exciting News for Educators and Parents teaching English to young learners! 🌟

🎉 Our Website Has Fresh Updates for the New School Year! 📚

After a rejuvenating summer break, we’re thrilled to unveil our revamped webpage that’s loaded with an array of engaging English teaching resources designed exclusively for young minds. 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫


📝 What’s New?

🔹 Brand-new page design for seamless navigation.

🔹 Enhanced user experience for both educators and parents.

🔹 Upgraded resources to ignite curiosity and foster learning.

🔹 Updated pricing that’s budget-friendly and value-packed.


💡 Why Choose Our Resources?

🧠 Tailored to suit the needs and interests of toddlers and young children, ages 1 through 8.

📚 From interactive activities to engaging exercises, our resources offer a well-rounded curriculum that grows with your child’s learning journey.

🤗 Our Interactive Activities and Home Kits turn learning into play, where children actively participate and engage with English in meaningful ways.

📘 Our carefully crafted picture books effortlessly introduce kids to the beauty of the English language with engaging stories to make language acquisition a fun-filled adventure. Our stories not only entertain but also educate, instilling valuable life lessons, promoting critical thinking, and nurturing a love for reading.

👩‍🏫 Perfect for Home and Classroom: Whether you’re a parent looking to enrich your child’s language skills at home or an educator seeking innovative teaching resources, our collection seamlessly integrates into both environments, making learning English a seamless and enjoyable experience.

📱📖 Adaptable Formats: Whether you prefer digital resources for a tech-savvy classroom or paperback editions for a tactile experience, we’ve got you covered. Our collection of children’s picture books and curriculum resources are available in both digital and paperback formats.

🎁💰 Budget-Friendly Prices: We believe in making quality education accessible to all. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to update our prices, ensuring that top-notch resources are budget-friendly.


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📚🌎 Let’s paint the world with English together! 🌍🖌️

Happy Holidays!

Welcome December!!!

There is a magic flare that surrounds our homes and brings joy to many in different parts of the world. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanza, St. Lucia Day, Three Kings Day, Las Posadas or any of your beloved traditions rejoice at spending precious moments with your loved ones and together create new experiences for the whole family that will become cherished memories.

This time of the year is very special for children at schools. As a teacher you may have a multicultural class with families that celebrate more than one of those events. In our classes and right before the Holidays’ break we always had a special celebration.

With children from different parts of the world, I suggest you dedicate a complete theme to their Holidays’ traditions. Some children will spend the Holidays at home but some others will travel to their countries of origin to celebrate and spend time with their relatives and friends.

You may plan for parents to come to the class and speak to the children about their families’ traditions. Parents are always very receptive and will prepare a short talk about their countries with pictures with their families celebrating the Holidays, and typical snack bites they use to prepare for the occasion. (Use Guide included in the Happy Holidays Booklet below).

Children always love to see their parents participating in their classes and will enjoy the different talks and the food! Children will also learn a little bit more about their classmates and the way they celebrate their traditions.

This is a great opportunity to nurture and strengthen the relationship between parents and their children and to promote respect and appreciation for other peoples’ culture and traditions. Cherish your family traditions, and don’t be afraid to create new traditions this Holiday Season.

Here are some ideas to celebrate!

  1. Invite children to help you wrap up presents.Presents can also help us develop lifelong habits in our children. Let’s use this Holiday Season as an opportunity to prioritize giving above receiving and encouraging children to donate toys and clothes to other children in need. Make the preparations fun so children find joy in celebrating with you the act of giving to others.

Child with present by Graciela Castellanos

Regalos illustration  


2. Create a special place at school or at home where young children can recreate a nativity scene, light a menorah or kinara candles.


3. Encourage children to write a letter to Baby Jesus, the Thre Kings or Santa Claus (Included in the Happy Holidays Booklet below).

This activity can help children improve their language skills and keep them engaged. If children are still not writing paste a white piece of paper on top so they can instead draw and color what they would write.



4. Play some music, sing and dance together! Here are some of our favorites: L4K Villancicos and Christmas Children’s songs.

Navidad, villancicos y canciones de Latinoamerica en Spotify.

Canciones de Navidad de Little Baby Boom.

Super Simple Songs for the Holidays.

Instrumental holiday songs for kids.  


5. Why not let kids learn some useful cooking skills while having fun? Following are some samples of easy and fun recipes for this Season.

Foodbites on Instagram has many fun and easy recipes for kids.

Check out our Pinterest Board on Easy Recipes for kids.  


6. Have kids go on a scavenger hunt Hide a bunch of Holiday items and give children a list. Have them find the most items within a time limit. This is a fun way to get them moving and exploring around the house or in your classes.  


7. Read books together Holiday-themed books are a great way to learn new things about the holidays while spending some quality time with your kids. Grab your child’s favorite book, even if it’s not a Holiday themed book, and cuddle up with him/her for creating cherished memories.  


8. Using household items, basic craft supplies, or kid-friendly playsets, children can create some decorations and hands-on crafts for placing around the house or on a christmas tree.

You can finf lots of creative ideas on our Pinterest Board, Christmas Crafts for Kids or on the internet.  


Last but not least here is our Happy Holidays Mini-Booklet in English and Spanish with activities for keeping the little ones  engaged. HAPPY HOLIDAYS BOOKLET 2022

Why teach English to children?

Why teach English...

Why teach English to children?

Today I could not think of anything that is more important for children than learning an additional language and if this language is English, it would contribute to giving them a valuable tool that they can use in different areas of their student, professional, cultural and work life.

The use of the English language has grown throughout the world in recent years. It has become the world’s lingua franca and countries all over the world have adopted its instruction as part of their education system starting in the preschool years.

Parents want the best for their children and they know that one or more languages besides their mother tongue will provide them access to better opportunities. They want their little ones to have access to a foreign language at ever younger ages and when asked what second language would be most helpful for their children, the overwhelming number of parents choose English.

Why is teaching English to children at an early age a good option for me?

With the new advances in technology and the rapid growth of the internet the exposure to the English language has grown tremendously and with it an increasingly interest in introducing this language to very young learners. The English language in education is becoming stronger and growing and filling this niche can mean a unique business opportunity for you.

If you are a professional, university student or you are a mother or father who has a good command of English you can teach your children or many other children through readings, conversations, songs, games and fun activities appropriate for their age.

“MI PRIMER INGLÉS” materials are designed exactly to promote the learning and practice of the English language and at the same time develop reading skills in children.

With “MI PRIMER INGLÉS” you can generate income working independently and anywhere in the world.

Where can I teach English?

Depending on your situation and where you live, you can teach English:

  • To your children at home

And/or other children:

  • From your home: online, as a tutor or giving private lessons
  • Opening your own business/workshop/studio
  • In language academies
  • In preschools or daycares
  • In public or private schools, as part of the curriculum or as an extracurricular activity
  • In a library or cultural center creating and facilitating English workshops

As you can see, there are several scenarios in which you can work, even if you are not a teacher. What is very important is that you should prepare yourself on how to teach children at an early age and accompany yourself with a good curriculum to make the process easier and more productive.

“MI PRIMER INGLES” is easy to implement, with curricula designed to work in any school-based, home based, or childcare setting. With the resources of “MI PRIMER INGLÉS” you will have basic training and an established curriculum designed so that people like you can successfully become an English teacher or entrepreneur.

If you already teach English:

You can use “MI PRIMER INGLÉS” materials as a complement to the curriculum you use. To enrich your classes with the variety of activities that the curriculum offers or to develop and practice vocabulary and language structures with our collections of children’s picture books and interactive activities online.

Note: (depending on the country you are in, a degree in language teaching, education or a certification or homologation of your title may be required).

If you want to teach English to children, what are you waiting for?

Getting a good curriculum with appropriate resources for children becomes a tireless job,  where many spend more time on planning classes than on teaching.

“MI PRIMER INGLÉS” offers you not only the basic preparation necessary to start off on the right foot, but also a complete curriculum with:

  • Digital guides that include thematic units with a detailed description of how to carry out the different activities;
  • Important suggestions and tips;
  • Ready made lessons to start teaching English from the first day in a fun and natural way;
  • Built-in audios of the dialogues to use and the songs to teach;
  • An Enrichment Activity Booklet for children and;
  • Illustrated picture books that help reinforce the English language and foster the development of children’s reading skills in a fun, simple and effective way.

“MI PRIMER INGLÉS” is not a franchise nor do you need a license to use the materials. With a small investment, you can purchase the materials for quarterly or yearly topics and start teaching immediately.

You are very lucky to speak English. We invite you to be successful using our program with an appropriate methodology and materials.

If you’re interested in opening your mind to new possibilities and exploring an exciting and rewarding career as a teacher or entrepreneur, we’d love to talk with you and see how we can help you!

We hope that this post is useful to you, and if you want to know more about our materias be sure to visit our SHOP.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest.

I want to teach English to children, but where do I start?

I want to teach English

I want to teach English to children, but where do I start?

It is possible that right now you are asking yourself this question and that you feel blocked without knowing how to face a new project.

It is normal. I too have felt the same as you.

Today I would like to share with you those steps that have helped me when I wanted to start a new project and I didn’t know where to start.

The first thing that I usually do and that helps me clarify the way forward is to empty all my ideas into a concept map and break down the steps to follow as I work on them.


Tener mi propio negocio educativo (2)


  • Start by being clear about what you want. Be as concrete and specific as possible about your goal. For example: Open my own business / Teach children English / work independently for 20 hours a week to generate extra income.
  • Analyze your personal capabilities both in the educational field and in the setting up of an educational business (strengths and weaknesses).
  • Create a list of people to be your support group (keep track of how, from whom and where to get help).
  • Choose the type of school or business you want to open (Mi Primer Inglés advocates a flexible type of business where you can work independently from home, in private schools, or in other places suitable for teaching children).
  • Research and choose the curricular program and the teaching resources that will allow you to be successful from day one.

Once you work through these steps and have the information you require, you can begin to draw up an action plan to open your own business teaching English to children.

You can only achieve your goals through action. Put all your energy and passion and turn challenges and risks into opportunities. Then celebrate the achievement of your goals.

Our Getting Started I and II manuals guide you through the entire process to achieve your goals. These manuals are designed to give you valuable information about teaching a language to children and allow you to learn first-hand the basic steps to starting your own business.

With Mi Primer Inglés and all the educational resources that we offer, you can achieve what you set out to do and thus successfully achieve your goals.

Mi Primer Inglés ready-made lesson plans 

 Easy ready-made lesson plans with the newly available Mi Primer Inglés Curricula. 



Teacher’s Packages with numerous materials made from our Team for you!  


144 English detailed Lesson Plans with:  


 More than 600 age-appropriate activities for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and young children spread out through our lesson components: Welcome, Warm-up, Circle Time, Theme Focus, Phonics, Playful Time, Creative Time, Story Time and Wrap-up. 


✓ Guiding suggestions for carrying out the activities 


 Tips for sharing developmental information with parents 


 Audio clips of the dialogues, songs and read aloud of all the picture books 


✓ 140 downloadable English songs  


 212 online interactive activities for children 


 48 original Picture Books with read aloud, songs and animations 


 12 Enrichment Activities Booklets 


 46 sets of digital Flashcards  


Having lesson plans ready with all the features we have added on the digital format makes it easier for you to enjoy teaching little ones and dedicating your precious time to observing, evaluating and meeting their needs.  

Let us help you teach amazing, engaging lessons every day, with all the resources and support you deserve, and enjoy time for yourself and time with your family. 

Download our Brochure and learn more about Teaching with Mi Primer Inglés Curricula. 

Get info on Starting Your Own Mi Primer Inglés Program.  

If you have questions, Contact us and let us know. We are happy to help you. 

Get ready to start your own business 

Calling all moms, dads, language teachers, early childhood educators and entrepreneurs.  Mi Primer Inglés has something for everyone. A structured curriculum, self-training, and many resources to help you along the way.  

Ask today about becoming a Mi Primer Inglés Teacher and Entrepreneur.  

Create your groups of bilingual or dual language learners and do what you LOVE most! 

Whether you are a parent, a child-care expert, a foreign language teacher, or homeschooling, we encourage you to start-up your own business with Mi Primer Inglés Curriculum Resources 

The newly available curriculum Packages for teaching Spanish to very young children are the right solution for you.  

Our easy-to-use thematic units allow you to start teaching using whole language in context right away through activities for Circle Time, Phonics, Listening, Speaking, Comprehension, Word Work, Theme Focus, Songs, Rhymes, Story Time, Creative Time & more! 

Our lesson plans save even experienced teachers a great amount of time that can be spent in doing what you love most, teaching. And for entrepreneurs getting families to sign up, marketing, hiring other teachers, or finding places to teach. 


NOTE: These are not packets of worksheets. 

 These are actual Lessons that guide you through the process of using fun activities to teach very young children and instill in them a love for languages. 

 Each Package will give you around 90 days of ENGAGING lessons in different themes. Every 4 weeks you can expose children to a different theme. You can take them through a variety of activities that help them experience the Spanish language naturally and intuitively. Each theme introduces children to basic vocabulary, lovely songs, finger plays, stories, poems and games to help develop their skills in the English language. 



Mi Primer Inglés Curriculum Resources include:  


144 English detailed Lesson Plans with more than 600 age-appropriate activities for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and young children 


140 downloadable English songs  


 212 online interactive activities for children 


 48 original Picture Books with read aloud, songs and animations 


 12 Enrichment Activities Booklets with the lyrics of the songs for children and age-appropriate activities 


 2 Holiday booklets  


✓ 2 Professional guides for teachers and Entrepreneurs – Getting Started I: How children develop and learn; and Getting Started II: The basics for starting-up your own business  


 A series of Instructional videos 


 How to teach video series of songs with actions  


 46 sets of digital Flashcards  


Let us help you teach amazing, engaging lessons every day, with all the tools and resources you deserve, while at the same time start-up your own business. 

Sign-up to become a Mi Primer Inglés Educator 

Learn more about Teaching with Mi Primer Inglés Curricula 

Get info on Starting Your Own Mi Primer Inglés Program 

If you have questions, contact us and let us know. We are happy to help you. 

Create a fun bilingual playgroup 

Create a fun bilingual playgroup

You can become the leader of a mother/father and child playgroup. 

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Today I would like to propose to all parents who would like to support their child’s bilingual language development to build a support network. 

I encourage you to invite others who are raising their children to be bilingual to join you in creating a mother/father and child playgroup. 

 The mother/father and child playgroup may be for a one-hour session where mothers/fathers and their children participate in a range of activities that strengthen their engagement, build their language skills and address child development issues. During this session a playgroup leader (that may be any of the mothers/fathers in the group) models a range of interactive behaviors and activities that mothers can ‘take home’ and use with their children in the home environment. You can certainly become the leader in a playgroup. 

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Mi Primer Inglés offers you the perfect tools for guiding the group into sessions with activities that can nurture language development. Our Teacher’s Packages come with Teacher’s Guides with detailed lesson plans based on thematic units and full of activities, songs, picture books and games that are fun for both parents and children. 

You can find all our digital resources for teaching your kids through “Mi Primer Inglés.”  

10 Benefits of teaching with Mi Primer Inglés curriculum resources 

 There are many benefits of teaching with Mi Primer Inglés curriculum resources, but here are the top ten favorites.

  1. Mi Primer Inglés curricula: carefully researched and created by the Languages4kidz Team with Graciela Castellanos as leader and writer of the programs based on her more than 30 years’ experience in teaching languages to very young children. 
  2. Access to one-of-a-kind digital Teacher Guides where you’ll find an incredible variety of activities, resources, tips, and ideas in every detailed lesson plan.  
  3. Home Kits for children in digital format with original picture books with audio clips of songs, read aloud and animations and interactive activities online to reinforce their acquaintance of the Spanish language. 
  4. Opportunities to give children the gift of an additional language early in life.  
  5. Do something you LOVE. 
  6. The everyday precious moments with the children and their families. 
  7. The joy, the smiles, and the hugs from little ones that will keep you motivated, inspired, and growing as a teacher.  
  8. The satisfaction of making a difference in a child’s life by contributing to their education and touching their hearts. 
  9. Convenient self-training program for teachers and entrepreneurs.  
  10. Mi Primer Inglés Brand and a company like Languages4kidz teaming up with you. 


Learn more about teaching with Mi Primer Inglés TODAY! 

Mi Primer Inglés for little ones 

Learning is easier if it is fun and to make it fun, we need to provide children with a playful environment. The more fun the environment, the more a child will want to stay with it. 

With Mi Primer Inglés Curriculum Resources children sing and dance along with lively songs that help them develop a positive language learning experience and listen to story books that stimulate their imagination and creativity and gives them a valuable opportunity to follow and acquire the structures and patterns of the English language in a fun and natural way. 

 Take a peek at some samples of our materials in English as you navigate through our webpage. Browse the online interactive activities for each Picture Book and download a sample of one of our Teacher’s Guide lessons. Visit our Shop and get detailed descriptions of the picture books and the Teacher’s Packages offered. Take a look at the songs that are part of these packages and give us a try!  

 Check out our YouTube channel where you will find songs, instructional videos and samples of our beautiful picture books. 

Teach your kids an additional language 

Do you want to teach your kids an additional language? 


Then, this is the right time to start planning! 

 If you are interested in teaching Spanish or English to your young child you may be asking yourself many questions: 

  •  What are the best curriculum options? 
  •  How do very young children learn? 
  •  What are developmentally appropriate activities for little ones? 
  •  What types of activities do babies, toddlers, preschoolers and young ones like? 
  •  What if I am homeschooling? 

 If you are in any of these situations, the newly available Mi Primer Ingles Branded digital resources for exposing little ones to English may be the right solution for you. 



Depending on your situation, our resources can help you get a good start. With our easy-to-use thematic units, you can start teaching using whole language in context right away. We encourage you to start giving children all the benefits of an additional language early in life. 

Our new digital curriculum books include complete guides with 12 detailed Lesson Plans each, Enrichment Activities Booklets (printable), audios of the songs, nursery rhymes and finger plays, as well as the audio for dialogues and read aloud of the picture books that accompany each unit. These NEW digital features facilitate anyone with basic knowledge of the language and basic knowledge on how to teach little ones to follow along. 

With our resources children sing and dance along with lively songs that help them develop a positive language learning experience and listen to story books that stimulate their imagination and creativity and gives them a valuable opportunity to follow and acquire the structures and patterns of the target language.